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Expensive idiocy.

Vince Gilligan turned down $75 million to produce three more Breaking Bad episodes

Apparently Jeffrey Katzenberg (of Dreamworks SKG) offered Vince Gilligan et al. $75 million for three more episodes of Breaking Bad with the requirement that that they be distributed as thirty six-minute clips via a VOD platform.

Vince declined.  That’s true dedication to the sanctity of his art.

Jeffrey Katzenberg Almost Bought Us More ‘Breaking Bad’ – Forbes.

Silk Road Shutdown

How the Silk Road Shutdown Makes Everyone Less Safe

An interesting look at why the DOJ’s shutdown of the Silk Road narcotics exchange community on the deep web actually puts the average American in greater danger than during its operation.

The good news is that if Napster is any historical precedent, the drug-equivalents of KaZaA, iMesh, and others will arrive shortly.

Learn how to surf the “deep web” here: http://websearch.about.com/od/invisibleweb/a/ultimate-guide-deep-web.htm