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Virtually synonymous with politics; but slightly differentiable.

From the soon-to-be-critical-to-survival dept.

Here’s a particularly infuriating selection from the Eureka Police Department’s press release concerning the acquisition of a $700,000 – yes, $0.7 million – armored vehicle to “be made available for use during critical incidents”:

The original cost of this vehicle to the federal government was in excess of $700,000.00, however, the only cost to the Police Department was the shipping cost from Washington State to Eureka.

The procurement of this life saving vehicle could not have been possible except through the Defense Reutilization Program which provides equipment and supplies of every nature to state and local public safety agencies at no cost.

“No cost”?  Seriously?  The $700,000 was financed either by federal taxpayers, or debt, which is subsequently robbing the savings of Americans via inflation.  Just because it was paid for by a large swath of people across a large area – with a minuscule local incidence – does not make it “free”.

More importantly, however, we citizens need to be mentally indexing these vehicles in preparation for the Zombie Apocalypse.

Meet the EPD’s New ‘All Wheel Drive Ballistic Resistant Vehicle’